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Favorable policies to stimulate the growth performance, near

Article source:admin Popularity:Published time:2016-12-09 18:44

China's environmental protection industry seems to usher in the best of times. In recent years, the state has launched a new environmental law, environmental protection PPP model, third party governance, environmental regulation and a series of vertical management measures to attract social forces from many aspects to jointly improve the quality of the environment. Yes, this means that the environmental protection industry ushered in the spring, mainly reflected in the frequent emergence of billions of projects.
In the market and the promotion of policy, energy saving and environmental protection industry has developed well. Although it has been to the winter, but the energy-saving environmental protection market is still a hot. In the past two months, energy saving and environmental protection enterprise performance eye-catching, mainly for billion project frequent: Shuangliang saving 125 million yuan bid project; Yongqing environmental protection signed a 130 million yuan contract of flue gas desulfurization; high energy environment signed 750 million yuan incineration PPP projects and so on. The relevant media summary of the nearly two months of energy-saving environmental protection enterprises billion yuan of orders. If there are omissions, please understand.
1, the focus of science and technology 1 billion 254 million joint bid comprehensive treatment project PPP project
Huangshan City public resources trading center issued a "Huangshan City Mount Huangshan District Pu River comprehensive treatment engineering PPP project" successful publicity in September 30, 2016, concentrating technology for the project pre transaction supplier consortium led company, has entered the stage of publicity. The availability of the project service fees and annual operating performance service fees totaling 1 billion 253 million 659 thousand and 300 yuan, accounting for 2015 of the company's annual audited revenue of 68.38%. The signing of the formal contract and the successful implementation of the project will have a positive impact on the company's future annual operating results.
2, enlightenment of Sander bid 1 billion 960 million yuan in Tongliao Horqin district in the integration of urban and rural sanitation projects
Enlightenment of Sander's early October 10th announcement, the company received on October 9, 2016 from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in Keerqin District of Tongliao city housing and Urban Construction Bureau of the "letter of acceptance", the notice of the company is recognized as standard units of urban and rural sanitation Horqin district integration project in Tongliao city. Winning amount is: RMB 1 billion 955 million 655 thousand yuan.
3, palm shares signed 3 billion PPP project intention agreement
Palm shares October 12th evening announcement said the company recently received Fenghua sunshine Bay Development and construction headquarters signed the "Fenghua Sun Bay" characteristic town "project investment cooperation agreement", the project is expected to total investment of 3 billion yuan, accounting for the company's 2015 annual audited revenue of 68.17%, if successfully after the signing of the contract is expected to have a positive impact on the company's future operating results for the year.
4, Shuangliang saving 125 million yuan bid project
October 11th received the tender issued by Huaneng Shuangliang energy saving Co. Ltd. "letter of acceptance", determine the North Shengli Power Plant Shuangliang saving for the first batch of auxiliary - centralized procurement bidding surface type indirect air cooling equipment tender. Bid amount: 125 million 180 thousand yuan.
5, the Oriental Garden joint bid 1 billion 28 million yuan PPP project
Oriental Garden October 13th evening announcement, the company recently received sent to Jinhu County People's Government of the town tower "letter of acceptance", the company is recognized as a consortium to bid the beautiful Jinhu global ecological environmental protection project PPP. Project plans a total investment of 1 billion 28 million yuan.
6, Sheng Yun environmental protection: with the Zaozhuang municipal government signed 1 billion 760 million yuan BOT project
Sheng Yun environmental protection October 20th evening announcement, Zaozhuang city Xuecheng District People's government and the company signed the "Zaozhuang circular economy industrial park and urban waste collection and transportation integration project investment agreement", the agreement agreed by Party B to BOT franchise investment in the construction of Zaozhuang city circular economy industrial park project and by way of PPP investment and operation of urban and rural transportation integration projects the total investment of 1 billion 110 million yuan. At the same time, the two sides also signed the Zaozhuang agricultural and forestry biomass burning cogeneration project investment cooperation agreement, the total investment of about 650 million yuan.
Announcement shows that the project of circular economy industrial park investment scale is 1 billion 80 million yuan, specific projects include garbage incineration power generation project phase two, peak heat source project and forestry biomass incineration cogeneration project. The integration of urban and rural garbage collection and transportation project investment 30 million yuan, the investment operations to PPP franchise, specific projects include garbage collection and transfer station facilities investment, construction, operation and personnel allocation; refuse transfer vehicle investment, operation and personnel allocation; kitchen and investment, construction and operation of sewage sludge and garbage collection personnel transport facilities and the configuration of the vehicle; investment and management wisdom of the sanitation system.
7, with a total investment of about 750 million of the energy environment of the signing of life waste incineration power generation PPP project
High energy environment signed the "franchise Puyang vein Industrial Park garbage incineration power generation PPP project agreement"; a total investment of about 750 million yuan, is expected to an investment of about 672 million. The company invested in the project with the development planning and strategic layout of the main business, will help enhance the company's business section of the city environment competitive advantage, project construction and operation of the company will be in the future after the annual operating results have a positive impact. However, due to the need to carry out pre project approval and administrative approval and other related procedures, the implementation of the above agreement on the company's 2016 annual operating results will not constitute a significant impact.
8, Hangzhou pot shares won the bid 1 billion 19 million yuan sea water desalination and other projects
Hangzhou Boiler shares October 25th announcement that afternoon, October 24, 2016, sent Heng Yi Industrial Co., Ltd. the "letter of acceptance", the company is determined China Zhejiang Hengyi petrochemical project PMB power plant project tender bid amount is 1 billion 19 million yuan.
9, Shuangliang saving air cooling system of EPC contract signed 147 million
The evening of October 28th, Shuangliang saving announcement that the company signed a "Shaanxi to Linyou calorific value of coal power generation engineering smoke tower steel indirect air cooling system of EPC project contract", the total contract amount of 147 million yuan.
According to the announcement, the contract deadline for the implementation of the contract in December 1, 2017 with the set to start debugging conditions, the random group of 168 hours of trial operation, the unit through the overall acceptance of the trial period. It is understood that the Linyou project is the world's first set of smoke tower one full steel structure indirect air cooling project. Compared with other cooling tower, steel tower design changes, the common skin in the main tower structure is in the main structure, will be separated from the flue gas and the main structure, improve the main steel structure corrosion resistance, which belongs to the world's first.
10, Fuling electric power energy saving business single sign 1 billion 100 million
Fuling electric evening of October 27th announced that intends to subordinate party and national network of Shandong electric power company Qingdao power supply company of State Grid, the national network of Yantai power company signed a comprehensive renovation in Qingdao area of Shandong Province, Yantai distribution network and improve the power quality of contract energy management projects, including the Qingdao project contract amount of about 473 million yuan, the Yantai project contract amount of about 645 million yuan, the total contract amount of about 1 billion 118 million yuan.
11, with a total investment of 300 million Yuan Sheng Yun environmental protection signed Longnan municipal solid waste incineration power generation project franchise agreement
November 4, 2016 announcement, the people's Government of Wudu District, Longnan City, Gansu province and Sheng Yun environmental protection in November 2016, 01, signed a "Longnan Wudu District, Gansu city life garbage incineration power plant BOT project franchise agreement". According to the provisions of the agreement, Party A will be the right to operate the project through legal procedure grants Party B in the form of BOT, in the franchise period, Party B shall fulfill the item company's investment, construction, operation, maintenance, income and other related rights and obligations. The project site is located in the town of Wudu District, Ma Street Temple back village, burning plant construction land 60 acres. The project total investment of 300 million yuan, the item company registered capital of not less than 25% of the total investment, daily processing scale of 600 tons, equipped with 9MW turbo generator. One phase of the construction scale of daily processing 300 tons of garbage harmless treatment by garbage power generation technology of Wudu District of Gansu Longnan city waste incineration furnace grate.
12, Yongqing environmental protection signed 130 million yuan flue gas desulfurization contract
Yongqing environmental protection industry group and Datang environmental Limited by Share Ltd Xilinhaote branch signed the "Inner Mongolia Datang International Xilinhaote power plant construction project of 2 * 660MW supercritical unit flue gas desulfurization EPC contract", the contract price: 131 million 807 thousand and 500 yuan.
13, a total investment of 480 million yuan China Tianying signed "BOT Protocol" garbage incineration power generation
The November 2, 2016 announcement, the company in October 31, 2016 with the Tongliang municipal district of Chongqing City Landscape Management Bureau in Tongliang District of Chongqing City, signed the "Tongliang District of Chongqing city garbage incineration power generation BOT project concession agreement". According to the relevant laws and regulations stipulated in this agreement, Tongliang Municipal Gardens Bureau awarded the China Tianying franchise in the franchise period, Chinese Tianying exclusive charge of the project investment, financing, design, construction, operation, maintenance and garbage disposal fees right by the company in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and the conditions for the implementation of this project.
14, the Hunan originwater PPP project in Yiyang
The Hunan Yiyang sewage treatment project of Nanxian PPP project originwater days before, the future will be in the local entrusted operation of 1 sewage treatment plants, to build 11 sewage treatment plants and 1 supporting the sludge treatment plant, a total investment of more than 200 million yuan, which will promote originwater further contribute to the comprehensive improvement of water environment in Dongting Lake area.
15, Xing Rong environment 400 million yuan bid PPP project
Rong environment November 1st afternoon announcement, said the joint company and the Chongqing construction of Ningxia have been identified as Ningdong water resources comprehensive utilization of government and social capital cooperation project bid, the bid amount is 408 million yuan, water treatment company transferee 59% stake in the company, and to the Ning voted to open the company to pay 400 million yuan RMB transfer the price of the transferee; Chongqing construction engineering water treatment 1% stake in the company, and to the Ning voted to open the company to pay 6 million 809 thousand and 300 yuan RMB transfer price. Completion of equity changes in the water treatment company as a item company, item company in the concession period for the project investment, financing, construction and operation management, franchise period of 30 years.
16, investment of about 350 million yuan of Changqing Group signed Kaifeng District Xiangfu biomass cogeneration project
In November 8th, Changqing group announced that the company signed the "Henan province city district Xiangfu biomass cogeneration project investment cooperation framework agreement", the total investment budget of the project is about 350 million yuan.
17, BOSCH branch won the bid 110 million yuan sewage treatment project
BOSCH November 7th evening announcement said the company won the bid of Yizhou Beishan seven township sewage treatment project concession project bid amount 114 million 500 thousand yuan.
The project includes the city of Yizhou Sancha Town, Pelosi Town, stone town, town, don't rakuto Bei Shan Zhen Xiang Bei Xiang, Liu Sanjie Town, a total of 6 Town, 1 township sewage treatment plant planning red line of all buildings, structures, equipment, piping, instrumentation, plant network, villages and towns built in the region the sewage collection pipe network and other facilities.
18, focusing technology signed 1 billion 253 million yuan PPP contract
Combination of technology and China concentrator Construction Seventh Engineering Bureau Co. Ltd., Nanjing municipal engineering design and Research Institute Co. Ltd., a Pubeisi Landscape Architectural Design Consulting Co. Ltd. established for Huangshan City Mount Huangshan District Pu Xi River comprehensive treatment project PPP project successful units. The availability of this project service fees and annual operating performance service fees totaling 1 billion 253 million 659 thousand and 300 yuan.
19, a total investment of 320 million yuan of Changqing Group signed a cooperation framework agreement "Henan province biomass cogeneration project investment"
The November 14, 2016 announcement, the company signed a "Cooperation Framework Agreement" in Nanyang City, Henan province Wolong District biomass cogeneration project investment in the Wolong District of Nanyang city in November 10, 2016 with the Henan Provincial People's government, a framework agreement on the company investment in Wolong District of Nanyang City, the construction of biomass cogeneration project. By the company owned or holding the establishment of subordinate item company. Project funding source for the company. The estimated total investment of the project is about RMB 320 million yuan.